Creating a Community Welcome Kit

Onboarding customers is really important for a Community Manager – it’s our job to show them the lay of the land. This is why the Community onboarding process is crucial and the best place to begin, is with a welcome kit that is sent out to new users within a week of registration.

After a visitor registers for the Community, they receive an email to verify their email address. In the past, that used to be the only step of onboarding, but now, I created a welcome kit to highlight areas that they should pay attention to.

The goal of the welcome kit is to encourage engagement so that I’ll be able to identify who might be a good superuser.

The Welcome Kit

I prepared a welcome kit using (Canva for Work) with our branding and our mascot, Zed.  I made it short and sweet and created a linkable PDF form.

Items I highlighted:

  1. Community checklist in the welcome board
  2. Customer solutions articles
  3. SME webinars
  4. Sending the Community team feedback
Zuora Community Welcome Kit
Zuora Community Welcome Kit


Community Welcome Email

My welcome email is also short and sweet with the PDF attached.

Weekly, I send out this message to all new registrants that were collected using LSI and then I edit the 3 linked items that might pique their interest to participate.

Welcome to Community Email

Metrics I’m Watching

  • link clicks – each link in the email is a link
  • Page views of these posts from LSI
  • Comments and kudos of these posts