My First Podcast on Community Signal

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Community Signal LogoI’ve always enjoyed listening to other people talk at conferences about community management and never thought that I’d be asked to actually be on a podcast…but then it happened!

Out of the blue, I received a Twitter DM from Patrick O’Keefe from Community Signal which is a bi-weekly podcast for community professionals.

I’ve heard of this podcast before and always thought that the guests were people who had done amazing things so I was definitely surprised when Patrick asked me to be a guest on his show.  I was super excited about it, but also nervous because I didn’t think I had anything interesting to say.

To gauge whether or not he had a show, Patrick sent me a questionnaire and I answered it as detailed as I could because I wanted to be picked.  He wrote back saying “We definitely have a show!” and we setup a time to chat.

Without giving away too much of my episode, we talked how I discovered Community Management and titled my show From Civil Engineer to Community Manager.

So without further ado, here’s my podcast episode.  I hope you like it!



Personalizing Emails to Users

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Sending personalized emails to users can really help increase engagement, but many platforms like Mailchimp or Aweber still give the impression that the recipient is still part of a mass-emailing campaign.

The alternative would be to individually write an email to each user, but that can be time consuming – so what do you do?

If you’re using Gmail for your email provider, look into a script that will customize mass emails  like this Mail Merge tool from Steffon Davis.

With this tool, you can send up to 1500 emails a day and I’ve used it to invite customers to the Community, send out my Welcome Kit or collect feedback.

Don’t get me wrong, Mailchimp is a great tool in and of itself, but there are times when a personal touch will make a huge difference.