Who Am I?

Lana Lee Sitting at a Meetup

As the Senior Community Manager and Strategist at Zuora, I’m the sole contributor to the Community team.  Before Zuora, I managed internal communities at Kaiser Permanente, Facebook groups and pages (from a multi-billion tech company to local non-profits) and was a volunteer moderator for Meetup.com.

I encourage Zuora’s customers, partners, and our global internal teams – marketing, engineering, product, support, documentation – to engage in the Community.

What I enjoy the most about community management is that I get to bring people together about topics that they’re passionate about, in creative ways.  Much like other community managers, I wear different hats – community life is never dull because with a global customer-base, the Community never sleeps!

In addition to Zuora, I manage online communities as a volunteer for American Mensa and also help churches create and develop community within their congregations through connection and small groups. 

In this blog, I hope to share the challenges and triumphs that I encounter as a Community Manager of a Bay Area SaaS startup.

About My Blog

Tales of a Community Manager is a collection of my experiences building community from the strategic to the tactical.  There are many extremely well-presented articles, books, podcasts, etc. by other community management professionals with valuable insight. This blog shares how I’ve taken what I’ve learned from these resources as well as how I have applied them in my daily community practices.

I’m one who learns by example, and I hope my entries will help guide you into developing something uniquely wonderful for your respective communities.