What Advice Would You Give to a New Community Manager?

My winning submission from Khoros’ Community Manager Appreciation Day 2020 Contest. Most community managers are on a team of one (as I am) so my advice focuses around that – especially when Community is new to one’s organization: Don’t overwhelm yourself with tasks. Select up to 3 initiatives to focus on for that particular quarter or fiscalContinue reading “What Advice Would You Give to a New Community Manager?”

Personalizing Emails to Users

Sending personalized emails to users can really help increase engagement, but many platforms like Mailchimp or Aweber still give the impression that the recipient is still part of a mass-emailing campaign. The alternative would be to individually write an email to each user, but that can be time consuming – so what do you do?Continue reading “Personalizing Emails to Users”

Discovering Community Management

When I was an engineer, I started out participating in Meetup.com forums as an organizer asking a question about my group.  I saw that someone wrote me back, which was so cool and that encouraged me to ask more questions until I eventually found myself answering other people’s questions too. I suppose I was goodContinue reading “Discovering Community Management”